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BAOTEK was established in 1992. In Taiwan, we have been the leader of manufacturing high-end fiberglass fabrics for copper clad laminates of various electronic applications. Since we have been the alliance partner with Nittobo, we are experts in handling very thin fiberglass fabrics(<36 um) and producing the highest quality fabrics. Our global sales network covers USA, Europe, Asia, etc and the end product includes i-Pads, smart phones, servers and routers, etc.

Now, we are striving to expand the business of industrial fabrics. We are interested in the development of the energy saving and carbon reduction products, such as fiberglass uesd in flame and heat insulation applications. In addition, we are developing other products for industrial areas such as aerospace and PTFE applications.

With the commitment of delivering the best global service, we put effort understanding our clients well and then provide them with the just-in-time services. Our solutions not only precisely meet customers’ needs but also exceed their expectations. Therefore, we will soon be the leading industrial fabrics supplier in the world.