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Product Description:

The fiberglass sun shade is constructed with specially designed fiberglass yarn and coated with environmental friendly materials. Their properties include excellent flame resistance, heat insulation, see-through, and etc. They have better flame-resistance and heat-insulation performance when compared with polyester sun shade and also meet the FAR 25.853 and ABD 0031 specifications. The application areas of the product include buildings, Interior designs, construction and furniture.


  1. See-through and high-definition digital printing for interior designers.
  2. High Flame Resistant: Much superior than polyester sun shade.
  3. Excellent Heat Insulation: Better heat insulation than polyester sun shade.
  4. Fiberglass is more environmentally friendly than synthetic fibers.
  5. Excellent Chemical Resistant.

Application Areas

Buildings, Interior Designs, Construction and Furniture

Filter Bag

High Flame Resistance:Meet the FAR 25.853 specification.

Test item FAR 25.853
After flame time(sec) After glow time(sec) Char distance(inch)
Spec. < 5 < 15 < 8
Test result 0 0 0.31

Environmental Friendly and Safe Product:Meet the ABD 0031 specification.

Test item ABD 0031
Smoke density (Dm) Toxic-Gas (ppm)
Spec. <150












Test results
1.33 0.7 0 0 2 0 50