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Quality Policy

The BAOTEK industrial materials Ltd to be engaged in the entire series of electron grade and the technical grade fiber glass cloth research and development、 the manufacture、the sale and the service.

According to the quality goal of BAOTEK, and the customer quality guarantee, to establishing company quality policy; The quality policy is the highest guiding principle of our quality control systems, and provide all staff to understand and to follow the basis.


  • Quality
  • Efficiency
  • Service
  • Customer
Quality Management
For the quality demand of customers, BAOTEK has established the rigorous quality standard. Through the computerization work and the inspector, to confirm the quality of product is in the quality standard in the process of manufacture; Meanwhile use the SPC techniques to analysis the inspection data, keep and efficiency to improve the process of manufacture, and use each item published management activities to ensure quality’s stability.


Environmental Policy
The BOATEK has a forbid measure for the environment hazardous material, coordinates the laws of the European Union product, Hazardous Substances; RoHS, For example: The lead, the cadmium, the mercury, six price chromium, the bromination bear burn medicinal preparation- PBBs and PBDEs and other harm material. Wished to get under control what harm will it caused in the product life cycle to environment and society, make the product match the RoHS and keep following the rules of RoHS and to reach the goal.


Environmental Safety and Safety Health Policy
  • Observe the laws and the regulations
  • Prevent the disease and the pollution
  • Reduces the impacts from environment
  • Execute the education and the training
  • Maintain the continuing improvements

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